Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop

Were you a King or a Queen in a past life? Or did you, in one of your earlier existences, suffer a spear injury that has returned to haunt you in the form of a mysterious pain that won’t go away? Or do you have an irrational phobia that has no visible causes? Or maybe the first time you picked up a guitar you just knew how to hit the right notes, without ever learning music formally?

The answers to the above questions just might lie in some of your past lifetimes and here is a chance now for you to experience your multi-dimensional Soul, through this Workshop.

Who we are today is the sum total of our ‘past’, which not only includes our past from the present lifetime but also from all our previous lifetimes as well. The memories and impressions, of each and every moment of our past, are stored in our subconscious mind which shapes our personality. Hence, any unresolved issues from our past-lives create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks. Past Life Regression makes it possible for us to experience and review our forgotten lifetimes and identify the causes for these blocks which exist in our current lifetime, thereby enabling us to heal these blocked energies and unhealed traumas. Therapy is quick, effective and full of awareness when one understands the context of one’s life limiting patterns from the perspective of an unhealed Past Life. Past Life Regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps in clearing up the effects by addressing the root causes. By going to a root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically. According to this principle, when the effect is forced back to the cause, the effect vanishes. Past Life Regression works simultaneously on Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit. This therapy heals at all levels.

This 2 days Past Life Regression Workshop is experiential providing an opportunity for you to experience past lives to address unhealed issues in this life. The Workshop will also introduce many other facets of Past Lives, like the Laws of Karma and how they affect us, the journey of the soul and our ONENESS with the Universe. Through guided meditation and other exercises you will also have an opportunity to explore your intuitive, Higher Self, connecting you with your own divinity.

However, most importantly, this Workshop will empower you to explore and visit Past Lives on your own, without the guidance of a Therapist, through the many methods which will be discussed and presented to you all.

Past Life Therapy is very effective in healing Fears & Phobias, psycho-somatic illnesses like Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis, Migraines and lingering aches and pains.

So you are invited to explore, feel, heal and ask questions and find answers from the wisest, innermost part of your Beings.

Dates : 13th & 14th September, 2014.

Workshop Location : Meadows Apartment, E-002, Paithona, Porvorim, Goa. (Detailed directions will follow after registration).

Timing : 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Fees : Rs. 7,500 (inclusive of Lunch, Tea/Coffee & Snacks for both days).

Recommended Reading: “Many Lives, Many Masters” and “Only Love is Real” by Dr. Brian Weiss. (These books are just a window into Past Life Regression and its process, there are of course countless more books on the subject).

The Facilitator of the Workshop is SABARI CHAKRABORTY, a Past Life Regression Therapist, (trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, USA) and a Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHII, Mumbai). Sabari Chakraborty is also the first Life Between Lives Therapist from India who has been trained and certified by the The Michael Newton Institute, USA.

Snapshots from Workshops

Simple Meditation Techniques To Combat Stress Workshop

In this 1-day workshop, we teach you simple, yet very effective, meditation techniques to cope and rise above stress harmoniously. Stress is a silent killer and our bodies get affected when we continue to live in anxiety, tension or stress on an everyday level of existence. To do away with this most unwanted state of agitation, meditating every day helps immensely. Meditation is not rocket science, nor is it difficult. In our Workshop we teach you quick, easy-to-do meditation techniques which go a long way in orienting your body and mind to a peaceful, calm state.

In the course of this 1-day workshop, we also do a chakra balancing meditation to help you align the energy flow through the various meridians in your body.

To eliminate dis-ease from your body, sign up for this workshop and embrace a stress-free, tension-free existence.

Enrolment Criteria: Anyone wishing to learn meditation and choosing to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual quotient of their lives.

Timings: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Fees: Rs. 3,000/- (inclusive of Lunch & Tea/Coffee)

Workshop Facilitator: SABARI CHAKRABORTY Past Life Regression Therapist (trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, USA) & Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHII, Mumbai)

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Learn To Be A Past Life Regression Therapist (A Certified Course)

This is a 5-day residential workshop where Sabari Chakraborty teaches students the skill-sets necessary to become a PLR Therapist. This workshop is intensive and designed to give you a deep insight into the concept of soul journeys, reincarnation, and of course, various techniques of hypnosis induction and regression. The training is conducted with humour, love and a lot of positive energy, making it a life transforming experience for every participant.

The class size is deliberately kept small to ensure that every student receives personal attention. This experiential training allows ample opportunities for each student to have their own regressions, as well as regress others.

Enrolment Criteria: Open to all hypnotherapists, counsellors, all therapists, physicians, medical and mental health practitioners, alternative healers and massage therapists. Also anyone else who strongly feels the desire to become an alternative healer or therapist is welcome to attend this magical workshop.

This training is not suitable for any person who is seeing a psychiatrist and/or is under psychotropic medication, has been hospitalised for psychiatric reasons or has a history of mental and emotional breakdowns.

A telephone interview with Sabari Chakraborty is mandatory prior to enrolment for this workshop.

Workshop Facilitator: SABARI CHAKRABORTY Past Life Regression Therapist (trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, USA) & Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHII, Mumbai)

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