Why Heal?

Why Heal?
An unquiet, unhealed mind lives in a tangled web of negative emotions, which is a hindrance for any growth of the Self. We are all on a journey of soul evolvement as we live out our human lives on planet Earth. However, many a time there appear road blocks in that all important soul journey of ours … road blocks which manifest as confusions, diseases, disharmony in every aspect of the Self. Consequently, we are left feeling depressed, hurt and depleted of our energies.

We tend to wonder about the eternal ‘what … where … how … why … when did we go wrong?’ Healing the Self is really about taking a deep look within to find the answers to these questions. Asking ourselves “Why do I need to heal?” If the answer to that question is that I need to heal because I choose no dis-ease or depression or disturbance in my life, then rest assured you have just experienced a healing breakthrough.

“Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic – every bit of it. No exceptions. There is nothing that cannot be reoriented to Well-Being. But it does take the determination that you are going to put your thoughts upon something that feels good.”
~ Abraham Hicks

Hence, what really needs healing is our mind … the source of all thoughts, emotions and feelings. When we can put aside our egos and accept 100% responsibility for all the negative things in our lives, we move out of denial and align ourselves to healing. Once the decision to heal is taken, the Law of Attraction takes over and through our intent gives us the healing experience we desire.

The key to healing oneself is to just allow our positive life force, which is already within, to manifest and express itself without any blocks or fears.