Past Life Regression Workshop Participants

I came with an open mind not expecting anything and left floating on cloud 9! Really don’t know how else to describe it. I think what I’ve learnt most from the workshop is to give more worth to my intuition, which I previously tended to ignore, as now when I look back I have recognised instances in the past where it has guided me and I’ve not even known it. So thank you Sabari, for a fantastic workshop and I look forward to meeting u again soon!
K. Pundole Homemaker

Magic exists. I fully agree, and felt it in the Workshop.
Nora S. Business Woman

The biggest learning of it all for me has been my attitude towards life … i.e. not judging people anymore because i tell myself that everyone is in their soul journey and have to go through whatever they’re experiencing. It’s been a very very enlightening experience for me to know the process of all around us. I have read a lot and was aware of these things … but the way you explained it has made all the difference in my life. You were a God sent for me Sabari. I thank you in my prayers.
Sapna Vaid Homemaker

Private Session Clients
I came to Sabari for Past Life Regression as I was passing through a bad phase after my husband’s death. After two sessions I feel happy, relaxed and free from all my worries and tensions. On the first day of my session I was restless, fearful and doubtful about this kind of therapy. But Sabari has answered all my questions through this therapy.
Darshana Manek Executive Assistant

I came to Sabari with issues of self-esteem which stemmed from sexual abuse as a child and an abusive personal relationship. Now that I am through with the healing, I feel more focused and clear about my professional life and career goals. I feel confident, positive and ready to brush off my weight issues, which earlier contributed to the low self-esteem. After my healing sessions with Sabari, I feel a completely changed person.
A. S. B. Counsellor
I met Sabari to discuss how I can help heal my father. However, I figured that I myself was a very sad, unhappy and dissatisfied person. But after my healing sessions with Sabari, I feel very light, happy and know the purpose of my life … I feel she has shown me the path.
R. Agarwal Designer & Shop Owner
With healing, I have successfully released all negative energies from my past. I am looking forward to a life of contentment and happiness, full of love. The acne that I suffered from for many years, is 90% healed. Thank you Sabari.
Manisha Daryani Media Professional
I was only focusing on trying to get validation from others and act according to their expectations of me. After my sessions with Sabari, now I feel free and convinced that I can follow my own path, know myself much better, and can take the next steps in my life to progress and enjoy.
V. S. Corporate Sustainability Professional
In brief, my time with Sabari has transformed my life. I have been able to let go of the baggage that has been limiting me … and most importantly, it has opened new channels through which I connect to myself and the Universe. Sabari has been such a gift in my life!
Pooja Warier Social Entrepreneur
I started my therapy with Sabari, having bundles of confusions, fears, low self-esteem … and with a question – “Where is my life moving?” Today, after my fourth session, I walk out of this clinic … as a SORTED soul who knows the life path with all my blocks open, and I am in the mode of receiving.
R. K. Clinical Hypnotherapist
I used to think that Motion / Travel Sickness was a common physical discomfort which most people go through with little or no psychological significance behind it, but as my healing sessions with Sabari progressed I learnt that 90% of the times Motion Sickness has its root in past-life. This issue was so severe that I could not even find confidence to learn driving. Through past-life regression therapy I was able to release memories that led to this problem. Thank you Sabari, I now have the confidence to enjoy my travel experiences with ease.
Shweta Mehta Creative Designer