Sabari Chakraborty

Sabari Chakraborty

Sabari Chakraborty is a Past Life Regression Therapist trained and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss (USA) and an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist trained and certified by the California Hypnosis Institute of India (Mumbai).  Sabari is also a Life Between Lives Regression therapist, the only one in India, who has been trained and certified  by the Michael Newton Institute, (USA). In her integrated healing practice, Sabari uses Inner Child Therapy (trained by Trisha Caetano), EFT (trained by Dr. Paula Horan) and Metaphor therapy (working with visual and verbal metaphors).

Sabari also works with the innate healing intelligence of the body with various Access Consciousness Body Process tools and Usui Reiki.

Sabari Chakraborty on her Spiritual Journey:

“As far back as I can remember, I have been a Seeker. The question of ‘what lies on the other side of my current reality’ has always fascinated me. Stories from ancient Hindu and Vedic texts, explanations of the seven Astral Planes, experiences of Yogis, were all a staple in my childhood thanks to my grandparents who shared their knowledge liberally and creatively with me. This ‘illusory’ world fascinated me more than my real world. At the time, I did not know that all of these were preparatory stages my soul was going through before it could finally manifest as a Healer.

As I grew up, I began reading books on Metaphysics, dabbled in Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Reiki in a bid to unlock the subtler mysteries of the Universe. I found that people, even strangers, could unburden or share their problems with me easily. Some facet of me soothed them or perhaps helped them find answers. And thus, I became somewhat of a ‘Dear Diary’ to people … a phase which continues to this day.

I have sought far and wide, met Siddhas, experienced temples of healing and spiritual phenomena which have continued to enhance my Journey along the way. My own Ascended Master, Meherbaba, came to me in 1997 in a particularly difficult period in my life. That experience provided me with a huge shift in consciousness, where Meherbaba unveiled dimensions which I, until then, had only had fleeting glimpses of. Meherbaba now channels his guidance and his healing energies in my own healing sessions.

My erstwhile career, which spans 15 years as a Director, Producer and Writer in the Media, has been a passionate and fulfilling journey. In 2007, I got the intense sensation that there is something more that I needed to do … something deeper that i needed to be a part of … something that goes beyond the stints of ‘social work’ I had done time and again. I felt an inner calling to become a Healer. And as my intent went out into the Universe, synchronicity took over. One incident led to another, according to a larger divine plan, and I enrolled myself in a course that taught Past Life Regression Therapy which was conducted in the USA by the eminent Regression Therapist, Dr. Brian Weiss. Meeting him was great, the professional training was fantastic and the answers which my soul got there was life changing.

Long story short, I had found ‘My Calling’. With immense happiness and gratitude, I returned to India to complete 5 levels of Clinical Hypnotherapy and got my Certification. What I learnt about ‘The Mind’ during my studies opened up a whole new vista of healing for me and I discovered facets of myself I had never known I had.

I discovered that I had a natural ability to help others heal … I discovered that I had been a Healer in many past lifetimes and had carried forward the genetic memories of being a Healer into this lifetime as well. Along with seeing clients for therapies and conducting workshops, I continued my studies in an effort to add to my healing repertoire … thereafter completing a course in Metaphor Therapy – another wonderful diagnostic and therapeutic tool to understand and heal the subconscious mind.

Everyday, my education and my growth continues through my clients … and importantly, through Life itself. I believe that in this wonderful ‘Earth school’, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but instead we are spiritual beings having a human experience … and have been given an opportunity to learn, to grow and to evolve into higher beings of Light.

I thank my Ascended Masters and the Universe every day as I help others heal and they in turn heal me. It’s a gift to be a part of this beautiful process of divine surrender.”