Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives™ (LBL) Hypnotherapy is the most profound spiritual journey that we can take while still in our earthly physical bodies. This advanced technique was developed by Dr Michael Newton for over 30 years of detailed and painstaking work to enable clients to take themselves to a Superconscious state where ‘between lives’ soul memories can be accessed.

Through LBL we can experience our trip back “home” into the spirit world – our life as a soul, meeting our personal guides, knowing and joining back with our soul group members, understanding which level of growth our souls are currently in and the lessons we have to learn to progress more. During the regression one can get the answers to life’s most difficult and challenging questions:

Why am I here? What is my life purpose? Have I met my soul mate yet?

What is the spirit world like? Why did I choose such a difficult life this time?

Is there Life after Death?


Anyone seeking a spiritual overview, a deeper understanding of one’s own existence. If we choose incarnations in physical planes to live out Karma through challenging situations, what happens to us when we are not incarnating in physical bodies? What does our eternal soul experience in between lifetimes?

Opening up to the experience of one’s own soul consciousness in detail, is life changing and often has the power to give one answers to life’s “big questions”. However, it is recommended NOT to have a Life Between Lives™ experience when one is going through severe emotional and mental stress. It’s best to go through healing/therapy to treat the trauma and then prepare for a LBL session.

Sabari Chakraborty, is the first and only Therapist from India, who has been trained and certified by the Newton Institute. To see her profile on the Newton Institute website click here.

To read up more on Life Between Lives™ Hypnotherapy click here.

So if you feel drawn to know what your eternal soul character is, which has shaped your choices in this lifetime, it is wonderfully enlightening and liberating to go through this Life Between Lives™ Hypnotherapy.

For more understanding and other details call or write to Sabari Chakraborty.