Healing Palette

An artist’s palette holds the colours of creation, inspiration, imagination and intuition which bring a canvas to life. At Healing Palette, we enhance life with a rainbow of healing colours; using a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic tools to release and cleanse the blocked energies in the Body, Mind and Soul.

Life limiting patterns, repressed emotions, fears and mental blocks affect both the Psyche and the Soma (Mind and Body), which can cause disharmony and dissonance between our internal and external worlds, leaving us exhausted, sad, depressed, angry unable to cope with a variety of negative emotions.

Healing Palette empowers you to flip the old model of pessimism to a new model of complete optimism, where unwanted patterns of life are replaced with desired goals and cherished destinations. The moment the root causes of traumas, fears and phobias are identified through therapy, it becomes wonderfully easy to heal through the newfound awareness of ‘why’ those traumas have manifested in your life in the first place.

Healing Palette helps you to release all the unwanted emotional and mental baggage by working with your subconscious mind; where the reasons for all unhealed traumas exist. We facilitate you, with multiple healing modalities, to identify the unhealed root causes of the traumas. We help you to release the festering emotions or stagnant energies associated with the blocked facets of your life. When you surrender to the vibrations of healing, negative cell memories are erased creating a new positive vibration in your body, mind and soul, both subconsciously and consciously.

So, allow the colours of healing to wash over you, give you wings so that you fly into a healed lifetime of only Love and Light.

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