Aura Cleansing

aura We are flowing energy, our thoughts are flowing energy and we are more than just our physical bodies. Aura is the electro – magnetic field around our physical body, which comprises of 7 energy bodies. They are:

  1. The Physical Body
  2. The Etheric Body
  3. The Emotional Body
  4. The Astral Body
  5. The Mental Body
  6. The Spiritual Body
  7. The Causal Body

Each Auric body has their own frequency and is like a “soul” signature of our beings. These energy bodies are vitally important as they protect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Any imbalance in these bodies, affect our Chakras or energy centers and a block in the flow of energies leads to stress, anxiety and finally illness. In fact, an illness or dis-ease, first comes into the Auric space and if unattended or cleansed, finally reaches the physical body.

Our Aura space can open up for a variety of reasons. A head injury opens up the Aura immediately. Psychotropic medication, which are anti- anxiety, anti-depression or other mood altering drugs can open up the Aura. Drug abuse, even grass and hash, and other recreational drugs open up the Aura. A lot of alcohol, especially when locomotion is affected, also opens up the auric space. When we operate for a long time from negative vibrations, like anger, resentment, fear, guilt, etc., the various energy bodies get affected and the Aura opens up. And when the Aura space is open, dead, stagnant, external negative energies, enter our energy space and depletes us of our soul energy. Alien energies can also cause us to behave “differently”, causing pain to Self and others.

Aura appears invisible to the naked eye, though clairvoyants can see it. It is absolutely essential to keep this auric space clean, so that the energies are flowing without any blocks and in turn, strengthening our spiritual, psychic abilities and our inner consciousness.

Sabari Chakraborty facilitates Aura Cleansing under a light hypnotic trance, where the client is connected to his/her sub conscious mind and sees his/her aura colours. If there are any blocks in the Aura, it is cleansed, released and Sabari teaches the client to seal his/her Aura. Knowing the technique to seal the aura from negative, disturbing energies, is a tool one can use life-long for protection and harmony.